More than a DJ

We are Electric Conzertration from Mainz, Germany

It’s live music – without the hassle of managing a live band

We play through our own Mixer directly into your soundsystem

All we need is a PA, a power socket and 6m² of space

And if you need us to, we can handle the PA as well

We are a live band, but we are as easy as a DJ – and it is all GEMA free

A Distinct Sonic Aesthetic

Electric Conzertration consists of

– Victor Oswalt on the Düsenberg Guitar

– Jasper Johannsen on the Yamaha Bass

…and our machines – among them two MPC 2500 sampler/sequencers and Eventide Effect Pedals – allowing us to achieve record quality live sound every time.

All of our Music is original, drawing from different genres such as house, trance and progressive rock. It is prewritten but leaves a lot of room for live improvisation.

We can go into two directions: onto the dancefloor or into the background.

Listen for yourself !

Tailored Specifically to your Event

We work together with you ! We will coordinate beforehand in order to adjust our live set to the specific needs of your event.

We never play the same set twice. We draw from a 5 – year experience in accompanying various kinds of events, such as parties, art fairs, festivals, bar evenings and raves.

We are Professionals. You can count on us.

Venues played include (among others):

Tanzhaus West Frankfurt/Main

Schlachthof Wiesbaden

Schloss Freudenberg Wiesbaden

KUZ Mainz

Altes Postlager Mainz

Riviera Festival Offenbach

Tropentango Festival Wollmerschied

ARTe Kunstmesse – Rhine Main Congress Centre Wiesbaden

EUROBIKE – Messe Frankfurt/Main

A Memorable Experience

What we do is not a reproduction of anything. We put our hearts into this. Even though we adjust our style to each specific event and we keep the entertainment part of it in mind, we are expressing emotions through the music. This is what art is able to do: it lets you get back in touch with your spirits and recharges your inner batteries, which is needed in this world, maybe now more than ever.

If you book us, we will help you make your event unforgettable.